Candidate services

James Alexander’s aim is to establish long-term relationships with candidates offering support, guidance and career advice over a period of many years. This approach ensures previously placed candidates return to James Alexander when actively seeking their next opportunity. This close professional relationship proves beneficial to our candidates, clients and us as an organisation.

Building mutually beneficial relationships is dependent upon James Alexander offering its candidates a professional, discreet and successful service. Central to that service is finding our candidates, positive career-enhancing moves that match their aspirations. A large proportion of our candidate base is generated via referrals from individuals we have successfully placed.

In addition to sourcing relevant job opportunities candidates will be offered practical advice on other areas of the recruitment process:

CV presentation

CV presentation is a vital area where there are many different approaches and a great deal of scope for creativity and interpretation. However some approaches are better than others and some golden rules should always be followed.

Interview technique

Interview technique similarly is an essential part of the recruitment process. It is a particular area of focus for James Alexander and we will enjoy passing on the benefits of our experience. Following a few simple guidelines can bring a much improved interview performance.

Company research/briefing

Company research is always time well spent in preparing for interviews. We will give you a thorough briefing and guide you in your own research.

James Alexander will be happy to discuss your options whether you are committed to moving now or just contemplating a move and want to know what could be available. We are happy to discuss our services with any potential candidate who feels we may be able to assist them. Numerous candidate referees are available.

We would be particularly keen to speak to you if you are a lawyer, economist, business affairs executive or compliance specialist with experience in the media sector. Similarly we would be interested to talk to you if you are a lawyer, economist or commercial manager with experience in the telecommunications, technology, energy , aviation and financial services sector. Regulatory and competition affairs is a unique area requiring specialist knowledge. James Alexander has many contacts in this field. If you are a regulatory generalist or have a legal or economics background we would be pleased to speak to you.